"Customise Build Parameters" Permission


the scenario I'm trying to solve is this.

We have an upstream team who produce a weekly SVN tag which a downstream team consumes. I've created a parameterised VCS Root (v handy feature btw) which tokenises the SVN Tag. I've created a 'configuration parameter' 'Build Parameters' entry for the tokenised key. The idea is to allow the developers to change this setting, without tampering directly with the VCS roots.

My question is - is there anyway to give the developers read / write access to the change the value of the key in the "configuration parameter" section?

I've created a new security role that has the "customise build parameters" permission. Firstly I'm not sure if this is the currect permission and secondly it doesn't seem to have any affect. The only permission I can assign that seems to give any option is "Edit Project" but this seems to be a bit of a nuclear option.

Any suggestions!


Howard van Rooijen

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Hello Howard,

"Customize build parameters" is a permission that allos a user to specify custom value for the parameters when running a custom build via "..." or the build Run button.
That can be a suitable way for you if each build is run manually.

There is no way currently to allow non-project administrator to edit some settings of a build configuration. You might be interested in voting TW-5327 if it sounds like what you need.

BTW, some organizations (ourselves included) use TeamCity artifact dependencies and build pinning/tagging to set the build artifact to be used in other builds. This is actually a replacement for version control tagging, but the sharing occurs on binaries level rather then on source level.

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Thanks for the reply. I've upvoted the issue - it sounds like it could offer a good solution.

The build is actually a C++ build - so the dependencies aren't just binary - they are header and include files (as well as binaries) - so we can't really use that approach. Also whatever we come up with has to work for local development as well as the CI build.




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