TeamCity 7.0?

Is there a place where I can get details on TeamCity 7.0?

  • When is it coming out?
  • What features are being added?
  • Is there a beta project and how do we become a part of it?
  • etc.
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The only information I have found on this so far is - obviously July has passed and nothing just yet

I am very much keeping my eyes peeled as well :)

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Here at JetBrains we release early and often, you you'll see first EAP build (beta) of TeamCity 7.0 in coming weeks.
We have a blog where show and discuss new features like agent pools, NuGet support, and failing conditions. Any feedback is welcome!

Also, we continue to maintain 6.5 branch with fixes and enhancements.
Just yesterday we released initial version of NuGet plugin that's compatible with TeamCity 6.5.



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