Windows Tray Notifer too limited

Is there any ability to customise the appearance of the Windows Tray Notifier? I mean let's face it, it is a bit rubbish really with such limited functionality - you can't do anything without actually launch a web page and doing it from there. Such as for instance to manually force a build. There is no "resizable columns", so if you use a long build number it gets truncated and you have to see a tooltip instead.

I can live with that, but what is driving me insane is the #1 thing I miss from CCTray is any kind of time indication as to how long it has been since the last build. Seeing that it is "#34" tells me nothing useful in that regard. I want an extra column which tells me how long ago that build was performed. So at a simple click on the systray icon I can see whether my colleagues have had their checkins in and build completed, rather than turning on all popup notifications and trying to keep track of whose it was, and missing them etc.

Is there some way to get this information into the Notifier app? Or is there an alternative someone has written?

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Thank you for feedback!
At the moment Tray Notifier is a kind of read-only tool, actions like build run are performed from our IDE plugins for Intellij, Visual Studio or Eclipse.
But we have such feature request in TW-9341, please vote.

Good questions on column width and build completion time. I've filed TW-18138 and TW-18139 for them. Please vote/watch to get notifications on updates.



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