Agents still reported as being on Java 1.5 while they have been upgraded


At some point in the upgrades, TeamCity started reporting that our agents were at Java 1.5 and that they should be upgraded.

I went to pages and upgraded them manually.  I forgot to do one of them...

Later, I noticed in the agent details page that I could upgrade them directly from the TeamCity environement so I clicked to upgrade that last one that I had somehow missed.

Now, most of my agents (11 on 13) are now reported as being still on 1.5, but the link to upgrade them through TeamCity has disappeared.

Here's how this look like in the agent details page:
Environment variable:
JRE_16      C:\Program Files\Java\jre6

Configuration Parameters:
teamcity.agent.jvm.specification   1.5
teamcity.agent.jvm.version    1.5.0_12

Is there something I can do to fix the agents' page header reporting that 11 of my 13 agents are not updated?


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Hi Pascal

I've reproduced the issue and filed it in TW-18136. Thank you for the report!

Your agents continue to work under Java 1.5 and have not upgraded yet. JRE_16 variable shows the agent found new JRE, but does not use it yet.
The link on agent page does not perform upgrade of Java binaries, but allows to switch between Java installations.
Due to the bug the link is displayed only when full JDK is detected.
The agents can work under JRE but you'll have to switch them manually - change path to java.exe in first property of \buildAgent\launcher\conf\wrapper.conf file.


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Thanks.  That was a nuisance but it will be nice to have it fixed.

This issue though:

IS more than a nuisance, and I would like it to be fixed even more:

There are also many occasions where our TeamCity server becomes very slow in responding.  When it does, a quick check on the machine reveals that it (tomcat6.exe) is taking 99% of the CPU and the logs don't say much.  This can last for more than 20 minutes and then things go back to normal.  When It'll happen again, I'll try to dig up some more log parcels to create a new discussion thread.


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I'll recheck that deleting issue.
for performance question - when it happens, take a couple of thread dumps - they are more informative than logs for such kind of issues.  


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