Trigger on failed build


I have few build configurations, :
1. Makes WAR archive;
2. deploys it on the server;
3. Tests web application.
When the tests fail I want to trigger another build config, which deploys previous working version of web application.
How can I trigger configuration to launch when some build failed? I found only the possibility to trigger on successful build.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Alex,

I'm afraid it's not possible in the current TeamCity version but we have related feature request:
Please watch/vote for it.

Kind regards,

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Hi there,

i think the TW-3677 is not the same.

I would like to habe a Build Trigger "Failed Build Trigger". i have a setup were i want another build step startet if a specific one is failing.

Or is there any way to do that in 6.5.3?

Thanks a lot

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I think we do not have similar request in our tracker, feel free to submit one. Probably we should improve Finish build trigger and allow to specify there more complex rules of triggering.


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