"Can run on No Agents" even though it should


I'm running TeamCity 6.5.3 and for many release now I've been having this problem: Build configs whose "Time to start" are marked as Never: Can run on No agent.

This has always been annoying, but the build would be run anyway, so I figured this was most probably a known bug that you were working on.  I was hoping that 6.5.3 would fix this, but it didn't.

I have configured one of the problematic build to run on a different agent, and since then the build has not ran a single time as it is stuck in the build queue.  Now the "Never" Time to start is right: it never starts.  I have cleaned the whole build queue a couple of times, tried to force it to run, to no avail.

I have reconfigured it to run on the previous agent and it seems ok.  It is still telling me it will Never be run, but there is a "Can run on 1 agent" at least.  I don't know why this is any different than the previously assigned agent.  That one was reported as compatible all right too, no conflict in the requirements, I don't get it.

I don't know what causes this and would very much like it to be fixed.  I am considering downgrading the version of TeamCity until I found one where this seems to work, but the annoying first part has been there for so long, that I don't remember when we first noticed it.

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Are you aware of this problem?

I am available to test/provide logs or anything to help you diagnose this.

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Hi Pascal

Look at tooltip on "Never".
The message should explain the reasons. Maybe your problem build depends on some other configurations that do no thave compatible agents.


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We have 13 agents and all of our build configs are configured to run on 1 and only 1 agent at a time.

When I configure one of the problematic builds on a certain agent (let's call it 'A'), they are reported with a Time to start at 'Never' like this (item #12):

Builds 10 and 11 are added because of the dependency chain.  All of these 3 builds are configured to run on agent A.  Even though it tells that it will "Never" run, it will.  I hadn't reported this before cause it was a nuisance, but would still work.

I then remove these 3 builds from the queue and then I configure it (item #12) to run only on agent 'B' (build 12 is a build that retrieve artefacts from other build configs and run some tests on them, so it is not machine dependent), this is what I get:

Item #11 is the same as before, but now has No agents even though I didn't change anything about that one, and #12 is reported as having no agents either.  They will forever stay in the queue in this state although there is one agent that is compatible as you can see here: (VMMOBUILD08 is our agent 'B')

Hope this is clearer.

- In some case some builds are reported as "Never" even though they will be done
- In some other cases some builds are reported as having no compatible agents, even though they have

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Hi Pascal

Unfortunatelly images were not saved correctly.
Please check that issues TW-15224 and TW-17561 cover your cases.



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