How can i modify the success/error message shown in TeamCity?

When i get done running a project, I see either:   Passed, Failed, or Tests passed:34

Thus, when i choose to run unit tests, the output from TeamCity shows how many tests passed.  How can i get my custom .NET .EXE to communicate info back to the pass/failed status?  If i use Console.WriteLine this writes to the project log, but i want to write to the same spot that Unit Tests do..


My Project 1  (description)
     General Settings Name
           #401   Pass

My Project 2  (description)
     General Settings Name 2
           #222 Compilation failed

My Project 3  (description)
     General Settings Name 3
           #5   Tests passed: 34      <-- when using MSTest to run unit tests

My Project 4  (description)
     General Settings Name 4
           #854   Tests passed: I like turtles      <-- how can i do this??

Thank you very much. :-)

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