Teamcity 6.0 with Intellij 10.5.2

     I'm having problems with the teamcity plugin.  I'm running teamcity 6.0 and intelilj 10.5.2.

If I use the version of the plugin from the teamcity server I get this exception on login:

"Cannot login to Teamcity:  Cannot construct jetbrains.buildServer.users.UserData as it does not have a no-args constructor"

And if I use the latest version from the plugin repo.... it says that the plugin does not work with protocol version -- rather it uses 6.5.....

So....which version of the plugin should I be using?  ideas?

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Please see the comment as to error.

TeamCity IDE plugin version should correspond to the version of the TeamCity server it connects to. Connections to TeamCity server with different versions are generally not supported.


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