Build Configuration History Disappeared!

Hello all,

We have an automated process which adds new builds to TeamCity when we branch.  Somehow, our previous branch lost all of it's history.  We don't believe that we are making any modifications to previous builds in our process, but it is a possibility.  Just wondering if there are any known causes of this issue.  None of the project config files for that build have been modified.  Also, is there a way to recover this history?

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Helo Tom,

So you had a build configuration and at some point the build hisotry wanished so there are no builds in the build configuration?

I can think of the following reasons for that:
- the server has started with the same .BuildServer/config, but different/empty database (builds are stored in the database)
- internal build configuration id (btXXX) in the config XML files under .BuildServer/config has changed
- the build configuraiton was copyed and the old one deleted

- check the settings/location of the TeamCIty data directory and the database used.
- check the internal id of the build configuration is the same as it was (e.g. by inspecting current and old URLs to the build configuration)
- inspect teamcity-server.log for any errors. Can also be used to compare startup settings of the server between old good and current runs.

> Also, is there a way to recover this history?
This depends on the issue cause. But backing up the database is a good thing to do now anyway.

If you do not see any hints on why this have happened, you can send us all the logs of the server, noting the name of the build configuration and the time the issue happened.


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