How to make building visible on Windows agents?

Hi guys,

The title of discussion seems weird so let me try to explain why I need visible building process.

As a matter of fact, TeamCity is suitable not only for building activities but also for distribution of any type of tasks across network of agents and monitoring results of their execution.
That's why I'm trying to use TeamCity for running UI tests of my Web-based SUT. My tests are written on Ruby thus I'm using Rake to run them.

Indeed, word "building" in title means exactly running these UI tests. As they are UI it is desirible to see them running. But at present moment TeamCity runs all tasks on the background.

Are there any ways to run these tasks on foreground and make them visible for Window user.

I appreciate any help.

Regards, Vadim

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I believe how the tests running is "visible" is defined by the build procedure. What TeamCity does is launching new process as a child of it's own agent process. How that is displayed is up to the process itself.

If you are running TeamCity agent as a service, I guess you will need to run it from console under the appropriate user.

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Thanks, Yegor.

Your advise definitely helped me to get what I want.


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