Problem Setting up a Cloud Build Agent

I have setup a server and build agent on AWS ec2. Both are running Amazon Linux.

The build agent is running and the host machine can see the Teamcity server via http. I went through the setup on TeamCity under the cloud Tab, setting up some elastic build agents. The initial probe of the Build Agent does not show up any errors yet the build that is queued up is not running. Also there are no Agents showing up in any of the relevant tabs on the Teamcity web interface. I have checked on the build agent machine and connection with port 9090 has been established.

Does anyone know why the build agent would not be showing up as compatible, unauthorized or anywhere in the web interface so that I can authorize it to build? any help pointers would be good as I have reached the end of ideas. I am probably missing something really obvious but I just don't know what it could be.



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We had seen the same thing quite sometime back

But we were setting up in Windows.  For us it turned out to be a firewall issue.

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yes, closed firewall is the most probable reason.
TeamCity server needs to open outgoing connections to its agents, so the agents need to have an open port.

Please let us know if it's still actual.

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I have managed to get around the problem by using the default agent on the Teamcity server machine, For now that will do. I am setting up a linux machine so I will have to look up how to configure ports and firewalls.

Cheers for the help



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