Change the type of a custom chart from dots to bars or lines

Hello everybody,

I have created a custom chart at the project level that aggregates the succes rates of all builds inside the project. However, the chart is only displaying dots, in different collors, either 0 or 1, depending on the build success/failure.

1. I would have liked the chart to show some nice bars ( like the success rate chart  in the Statistics tab of a specific build ).

2. I would like the X axis to show dates instead of build nr.  ( like the success rate chart  in the Statistics tab of a specific build ).

This is the cofig i am currently using for my custom graph:


<graph title=""Builds success rates" seriesTitle="Build type" defaultFilters="showFailed">

     <valueType key="SuccessRate" title="Nightly Build" buildTypeId="bt52"/>





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Hi Daniel

Sorry for late response.

Could you provide examples of charts that need view with bars instead of curves. I understand a common idea, but interested in real examples.

For second question we have TW-11350, please vote.


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Hi Michael,

Sorry for the late response, i was on vacation for the last two weeks.

Let's assume you have project A with 3 build configurations, 1, 2 and 3.

If you go to any of the 3 build config, in the statistics tab, you can see the Succes Rate chart showing a nice history of that build configuration, with dates on the x axis. The chart is using bars.

If you go to the project level and configure a custom chart to show the same success rate for all the projects, with some config like:



          <valueType key="SuccessRate" buildTypeId="A" />

     <valueType key="SuccessRate" buildTypeId="B" />

     <valueType key="SuccessRate" buildTypeId="C" />



you will only see some dots in different colors, for each of the build configurations. I would have expected to have at least the same bars the build configuration chart is showing.

As for the x axis, i voted the related issue. The build numbers showing now are very confusing, since different build configurations will run at different paces and for this particuar chart build numbers are not helping.




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