TeamCity - New User Questions

Hello all-

New to TeamCity with a couple of questions - hoping someone can help.


VCS Server:
    Linux RHEL server running CVSNT  (in use for over 5 years)

Clients use TortoiseCVS, via menu or command line with Putty/Pageant - 5 years no problems.

New TeamCity Server:
    PC based
    TortoiseCVS for command line interface into CVSNT
    Pageant managing keys

From the command line on the TeamCity Server, I can do:

"c:\Program Files\TortoiseCVS\cvs.exe" -d:ssh:teamcity@teamcity_on_cvsnt_server:/our_repositoryname co some_module

* teamcity_on_cvsnt_server is a "saved session name" within PuTTY that points to the cvsnt server.
* our_repositoryname and some_module are the names of an existing repository and module
* and putty session defines SSH1, as does Linux server.

and all files get checked out to the Teamcity server. Simple and good.

Now for the questions:

I have set up a TeamCity project.
Under General Settings:
    VCS Checkout Mode: Automatically on agent (if supported by VCS Roots)
    Checkout directory: (blank)

Edit VCS Root:
Type of VCS: CVS
VCS Root Name: My First VCS Root
Module Name: some_module
CVS Root: ssh    :ssh:teamcity@teamcity_on_cvsnt_server:/our_repositoryname
SSH Version Force ssh1
SSH port 22

Private key: c:\putty\teamcity_private_key.ppk
password: (I provide a passphrase that works with this key)

When clicking on "Test Connection" I get a "Connection Failed" with the build configuration mentioned and an exception: teamcity_on_cvsnt_server(teamcity_on_cvsnt_server)

Q: There seemed to be no way to use a "saved session" like I could on the command line. Is this possible?
Q: I do not see much evidence of CVSNT usage with TeamCity. Is CVSNT supported? Any known limitations between it and TeamCity?
Q: Do ppk/ssh1 files work with TeamCity? I saw comments about OpenSSH....
Q: Can anyone help with what I have overlooked/done incorrectly - or perhaps offer some ideas?


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