TFS URL with spaces in URL using %20


I'm completely new to TeamCity, so sorry if I'm asking a very obvious question but I couldn't seem to find an answer to what I'm looking for in the community fourm or in the TeamCity online manual.

I'm trying to setup TeamCity with an existing Team Foundation Server project. The problem I am having is that the URL to the TFS project has spaces in it. I can connect to the TFS project fine in the "Edit VCS Root" screen. The URL I am using is along the lines of "http://myservername:8080/tfs/Somebody%20and%20somebody". When pressing the "Test connection" button it works absolutely fine.

The problem I am having is that my Build configuration seems to be incompatible with the agent due to an unmet requiremnet "20and". There is an option in the configuration parameters screen of the project "20and" which it forces me to enter for the agent to be compatible with the project. It seems to be thinking that the TFS URL in the project has a paramter in it that needs satisfying. If I enter something in to this parameter it fails to build becuase the connection is incorrect to TFS.

Is there an escape character to stop TeamCity thinking that the %20 characters are configuration paramters? I'd rather not rename my TFS instance so it has no spaces if possible.

I hope that all makes sense.



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Hi Richard

I see you added this bug to TW-18726.
We'll continue troubleshooting there.


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Thank you! See you there.


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