Clear all Data - Overview, History, Change Log, Issue Log, Statistics etc...


I'm wondering how can I delete all the data history from TeamCity, I installed into the server then I did all the test to check if all configuration is correct and working, however now I have a lot of useless Log's.

I would like to clean everthing before set the correct path from our version control.

I tried Build History Clean-up, but still have some data that will be necessary delete.


Gabriel Aphonso

Ps: In my local machine I tried just delete all the SQL data base so when I restarted I set the Token and the TeamCity started as I wish without any log data, and all my configuration was there,

BUT, now when I have some modification in "trunk" or "tag", the modification is detected but the Agent dosen't start. I tried re-install the agent also all the TeamCity but still dosen't work the agent

just build when I press the "Run"  button.  and I have the follow information in fron of each build "No finished builds for this configuration "  

After run one time pressing the Run button this msg is no longer displayed.


TeamCity 6.5.5 (build 18087)


Windows Server Enterprise

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