Parameterised checkout rules on agent-side checkout

We're running TC 6.5.3.

I have a VCS root (SVN) pointing at /branches, and am using agent-side checkout.  Checkout rules are as follows:


And then %checkout.dir% is just a configuration parameter set to the name of the branch.  My understanding is that this should just check out named branch onto the agent.  However, it seems like it is scanning the entire /branches directory in the subversion repository even if it is only checking out that directory.  Or is it checking out the full /branches directory and then deleting everything except the directories in the checkout rules?

We had been using this with TC 6.0, and I was confused by the 6.5 release as it seems to be implying that parameterising VCS roots was not possible before 6.5?  What is 6.5 doing differently?

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Before 6.5 you could use paramters in checkout rules, but inside VCS root settings parameters could not be used. SInce 6.5 VCS root settings can have references to parameters too.

As for this issue, what do you mean by " scanning the entire /branches directory"? Do you see it in some log? If so, could you please attach this log?

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Thanks for the reply, that'll be very useful.

As for the logs, I'm afraid I don't have access to those.  I'll see what I can get...


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