Teamcity NUnit and ShadowCopy

Good day, everyone!

We got a similar problem, discussed here: sometimes our tests fails, even if someone have fix them. So I suppose the problem in NUnit's shadow copy, because after some time (even without pending changes) they become fixed.
As far as I googled, NUnits have an option to cleanup shadow copy: /cleanup. But there is not such option in Teamcity's NUnit runner. Also, there is no way to add custom command line arguments.

The only way I see is to use NUnit custom task for msbuild.
So, I got 2 questions:

  1. Is is possible to parse xml log from msbuild's in Teamcity and render it in the way Teamcity does for NUnits (show tests with additional information for them )?
  2. Can I somehow cleanup shadow copy of NUnit test, executed from Teamcity's NUnit build step?

Thanks in advance.

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NUnit runner in TeamCity had it's own assembly loading code. There should be no assemblies shadow copies involved in the process.

If you like to use custom NUnit runner, please take a look at the documentation to know the ways TeamCity integrates with NUnit

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Hello, Eugene!

We are using  MSbuild runner for building sources and then Teamcity builder runner for executing NUnits (separete step).
We made a test - commited failed Nunit test, I did cleaned up sources. But for some reason build is green. I suppose that after some time it will become red.

I also tryed to integrate NUnits to msbuild - it works and it fails on bad tests. But in this case we are missing clear and pretty looking reports from Teamcity.

If it's not a shadow copy issue, then what?
We got TeamCity        Enterprise 6.0.4 (build 15989).

Thanks in davance.

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Okay, I found the reason: I forgot to copy binaries after msbuild and my tests were executed on old version.
Sorry for that<:)


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