Best way to learn TC

I am completely new to TC. For that matter I rather green at creating a build system. In my past life I was a ClearCase admin.

I have read the manuals and even ran simple builds of our code in TC.

Can someone point me to other documentation, white papers, or some real world examples I can look at?

Any recommendations appreciated.

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I have a system installed, but I think I don't know my way around nearly enough.

One thing that's not helping as much as it should is the Teamcity documentation pages and the bug / board pages.

Googling is not as helpful as it could be due to the many many duplicated results, one for each version of TC.

Landing on a TC doc page is only helpful if one notes that almost every page (all?) in newer versions have only a slightly different url.

For example, these are all valid;

The two things I've done so far that helped alot were;

1.Reading the series of posts on deployment that uses Teamcity;

2.The book on continuous integration in general for dot net,

I also made myself some URL's;

(Note that the forum has only two boards: General and Plugins.)

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Id suggest getting a mentor - you can drop me an email if you need any help with it



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