Build to smb share on another server


Hoping someone can help. We have TeamCity running a dedicated server and want to be able to build to n servers on our network, which host live and staging version of our sites.

Howvever, we're having some issues with permissions and need to determine the user that TeamCity will use to try and write the files to any given share. The user being logged is NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON in the error logs on the server we're tryoing to write to and is obviously failing.

Is there anyway to define the user that will try and move the files to the smb share?

P.S. we're using ANT as the build runner and copy to move the files.

I hope that is clear.


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What user account do you use to run TeamCity Build Agent service?
It looks you're specifies some local account, so it cannot be authenticated on other machines of the domain.

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Hi Michael, we're using a Active Directory account that we created specifically to run this service. This account stills shows as NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON on the other servers in the errors logs. Thanks.


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