Open and Write Word-ComObject on Win2k8 Server via Powershell failed




we run the TeamCity Build Service on a Win 2008 Server Machine. My task is to open a Word Document and write several words and sentences. Afterwards the document should be closed automatically.

The TeamCity Process executes a MS Build.xml File. In this file i open a powershell. This Powershell is assigend to open a Word -Com Object and write some words as i mentioned before.

When I execute the Powershell on a local computer oder manually on the server it works highly well. But when the powershell-script is executed via the TeamcityService and the MSBuild.xml File the following error is shown:

[Exec] You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.

[Exec] At C:\Firmwarebuilds\G8-IAX\branches\S-PUE\BS\CurrentPath.ps1:23 char:25

[Exec] +     $Selection.Find.Execute <<<< (

[Exec]     + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (Execute:String) [], RuntimeException

[Exec]     + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InvokeMethodOnNull

Is it possible that the TeamCity Service has not enough permissions to execute a Powershell or to open a –Com Object ?

Are there anywhere on the Server settings to allow the Powershell to interact (open/write/close/…) a Word File?

As I already mentioned before when I execute the Powershell Script manually it works well.



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Hi Lukas

Microsoft Office automation is not officially supported to work under services. See KB257757 for details.
Also here is a related thread in Microsoft forums.

To prove that, try to run build agent interactivelly within your logon session by agent.bat

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Hello Michael,

thank you for your information. Do you have other ideas wheter it is possible to write a Document or somthing like that automatically on a Server? Or are there alternatives to Powershell ?



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KB artikle I mentioned above lists a number of alternatives.

Have you tried to run the build agent interactivelly? Did it change the behavior?


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