TeamCity Encoding UTF-8

I have a problem with TeamCity 6.5 and Encoding.

When i pass a subversion checkout rule via url (rest api) to the buildServer, the Build fails because the url contains an umlaut (ü). When I check the build Parameters of the build, the name is displayed correctly, something like:

+:Appl/tags/tag für 20111201/>

however if the part "tag für 20111201" does not contain an Umlaut it works.

We figured there is something wrong about the encoding of the build agent, so we set
system.source.encoding=UTF-8 and
system.file.encoding=UTF-8 in the build agent properties.

Also we made sure the request url is also encoded in utf-8, the tomcat connector has URIEncoding="UTF-8" set.
I checked the tomcat access log to see wether the correct encoding is sent to the build server via url parameter, this seems to be correct, this is why I believe the problem is between the build server/agent and wrong values passed to my build file.

any ideas?


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