Send error-notification to specific user, bypass notification rules


I have a build-configuration where only changed sources are checked if they produce doxygen warnings.
The notification rules are the default for all users, as follows:

  • - The build fails (ignore failures not caused by my changes)
  • - Notify when the first error occurs

And I also made an Doxygen-Viewer user group which can see the doxygen project.

I would like to know if there is a way to just inform only the relevant user about his doxygen warnings.

With the current setup i have the following problems:
-if there are several commits tested, everyone get's an error e-mail with all doxygen warnings (which could be filtered by me, to address the correct developer)
-if the next tested commit(s) fail, every new and every old commiter gets an e-mail notification. So if there are 10 tested commits which fails the first commiter(s) gets 10 e-mails with warnings not belonging to their code.

As far as I know there is no way to configure the rules for a notification as I would like to have it.

The best in my opinion would be to have a way to send an error notification message to a specific user or to allow the option "ignore failures not caused by my changes" for specific projects and to disable the automatic mechanism to send follow-up e-mails.
I suspect that handling the doxygen check as a test doesn't change the behavior. Is there something generally wrong with my setup?

I would like to know how to generally handle this kind's of builds (where sending follow up e-mails is not wanted), because they don't produce broken build's in the normal sense.

Thank you,

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