Building clean patch for VCS root hangs

Hey All,

I'm new to TC and trying to set up a build for the first time. This is a .NET build using a nAnt script from CruiseControl im bringing over to TC.

I have it connecting to SVN and it detects changes but when it tries to kick off a build i get

Building clean patch for VCS root: <projectname>

in the log file and it pretty much doesn't go any further. Am i doing something wrong here? Any ideas?

- Josh

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Hello Josh,

  Please check TeamCity's logs at TeamCity/logs/teamcity-server.log and TeamCity/logs/teamcity-vcs.log .
  What is the size of the project?


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Ok found the first problem. It eventually did finish. It took about an hour and a half.

My SVN settings were misconfigured to pull every branch of the project, not the branch i wanted. Working on updating that now.

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hey josh, man
how did you alter you misconfiguration so the svn update didn't pull all your bracnhes down?
i suspect i may be having the same issue as it's taking a while on the Updating sources: server side checkout... : Building clean patch  step when i go to run the build....


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