Usernames for git submodules


It'd like some clarification on how git submodules are checked out by teamcity.

Username in VCS-root is specified as 'teamcity'.

if a submodule is specified as follows

[submodule "binaries"]
 path = binaries
 url = git@git.server.net:binaries.git

it always uses the "git" username, and not the one from the UI. Seems reasonable.
If we specify a ~/.ssh/config to override the user, it overrides the user on OSX and Linux, but not windows.

Host git.server.net
User teamcity

If we remove git from the path, it becomes a bit stranger.
On OSX/Linux, it seems to use the username from the user running the service, in our case 'teamcity'.
On Windows, I get submodule errors with authentication fail, so I'm guessing it uses the wrong username.

Is there any way to specify that all git repositories (including submodules) should use the username specified in the teamcity vcs-root UI?
If not, what actually determines the username for a checkout on Windows?



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