When is "Disconnected" Bad?


Based on a couple of the threads I've seen here, it looks like "disconnected" is not a bad thing (as long as its temporary).  Assuming that is true, here are some questions:

  1. Is the above statement correct?
  2. If so, when should "disconnected" be considered a bad thing? That is, what do we look for to determine when "disconnected" is really a problem?
  3. How long is too long for an agent to be disconnected?
  4. How many simultaneous disconnects are too many? We have 50 agents.  We sometimes see 5 or 6 disconnected at once.  


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In an ideal world agent should never disconnect. But still there is a number of situations when it can happen. For example, agent can become disconnected if you restarted server and for some reason (network issue?) agent was not able to connect again. Usually after some time agent will be online, if it does not you have to check agent manually and probably restart it. Sometimes if build consumes all CPU of the build machine agent can become disconnected too, because it just does not receive enough ticks to keep connection with server.

If you see such problem consistently, it makes sense to check agent logs, to see what really happens.


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