TrayNotifier of 6.5.5 is not upgradable to 6.5.6

Is it possible that the recent bugfix release of TeamCity 6.5.6 got old (incompatible?) version of Tray Notifier in it?

Here is the scenario:
1) I've installed TeamCity 6.5.5 on Windows XP (32-bit), and downoaded Tray Notifier application - it was intalled into Windows 7 (32-bit), and was working fine.

2) Today I've downloaded TeamCity 6.5.6 and upgraded the server (just ran the installer, which uninstalled the previous version, and installed the new one).

3) The Tray Notifier (at the client PC) warned about the need to upgrade, but I was running it with ordinary user credentials, so I instead downloaded the new installer from the server, logged into Windows 7 (the client) as an administrator, uninstalled the notifier of 6.5.5 and installed the notifier of 6.5.6.

4) However the Tray Notifier still thinks it is not compatible with the server (it shows the red warning in its window).
Both the Tray Notifier installer, and notifier's installed files are new (checked the time stamp only).

What may be wrong?

PS: Opera 11.60 (WinXP / 32-bit) behaves badly with this forum engine - "line feeds" are inserted BEFORE current line... OMG!

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