Insufficient disk space on SAN

I'm receiving the following warning on every page in TeamCity 6.5.6:

Warning: insufficient space on disk where the following directory  resides: \\sanfolder\TeamCity\.BuildServer\system. Disk space  available: 0b. Please contact your system administrator.

I had seen this in 6.5.5. After migrating the server to a new location the error went away. When I updated to the latest version the error came back.

If I map the location as a drive in windows it reports 147GB available. How do I make the error go away?

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To workaround this issue you can set internal property teamcity.diskSpaceWatcher.threshold to 0. For this create file .BuildServer/config/ with line like this:

Then restart server.

You can also watch / vote for this issue:

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Thank you! This has been helpful. The UI is not reporting the error now that I have that property set.

However, we've also been experiencing hanging builds since the switch to SAN for the teamcity data directory. The builds hang and cannot be stopped except by restarting the build agent machines. I suspect that the build agent doesn't have enough permissions to create an artifacts directory on the SAN, but the server log doesn't tell me that. I logged the endless loop issue here:


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