Displaying links on failed test stack trace


Does anyone know how to display links on Failed Test Stacktrace?.

We have some UI automation tests, when the test fails we capture the screenshots and have it in Artifacts for the build. I am looking to provide a link on the failed test stacktrace to point to captured image files artifacts.
The failed test are logged using teamcity build interactions, below is an example. I tried using using <a> tag, but still displays as plain text.
from python script
print "##teamcity[testStarted name='%s']"%testName

errorDetails = "Test failed, refer the screenshot <a href=\"./screenshots/image1.jpg\">Screenshot</a>"
print "##teamcity[testFailed name='%s' message='Test failed' details='%s']"%(testName,parse_teamcitymessages(errorDetails))
print "##teamcity[testFinished name='%s'  duration='%s']"%(testName,duration)

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