ArtifactsSize statistics chart not showing?

I'm having an issue with Teamcity 6.5.4 (build 18046) -- I'm not seeing the artifacts size chart in the Build Configuration statistics, but am seeing others like Success Rate and Test Count. No Build Duration either.

Is this a known issue?

I've even tried adding a custom Project statistic chart:

  <graph title="custom chart">
    <valueType key="ArtifactsSize" buildTypeId="bt38" />
    <valueType key="BuildDuration" buildTypeId="bt38" />

But I only see build Duration, not the artifact size?

Many thanks,

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Happy New Year everyone :D

Has anyone else seen the issue mentioned? I can log this as a bug if necessary.

The only chart I am seeing is Success Rate, when looking at a test installation of Teamcity on a separate machine, I can see Build Duration, Time Spent in Queue and Artefact Size so I'm not sure what has happened to my Teamcity installation to hide all the useful charts.

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I've just upgraded to teamcity 6.5.6 and the Attribute Size / other charts are now showing again, so I guess it was a bug that was fixed? (Didn't see it in the release notes though)

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No, That's not a known issue. I cannot remember related changes in our latest releases.

Please let us know if it happens again.



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