TeamCity 6.0.2 on MAC + Git + Agents on different machines

Hi, I'm trying to integrate TeamCity with a Github repo and I have several questions:

First I don't know where to place the keys that I got generated from ssh-keygen. I can say that I set up the machine in a way that I have success doing ssh -T .
Once I know where to put the key, I would like to know how to configure the Project on TeamCity itself in order to pull from github. I've tried two things:
- Using Anonymous authentication and defining the repo URL as https://<user><user>/test.git . The Test Connection works but when I try to run on an agent I got exceptions.
- Using authentication with private key but I don't know where to place the key and also I don't know whether the agents should have SHH configuration as well or everything should be on the TeamCity side (I have the agents on different machines)

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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