VCS Trigger without updating sources

I've the following build configurations:
A: Build (provides binaries as artifacts)
B: Test (has snapshot and artifact dependency on A)

A has no triggers. B has a VCS Trigger. This works fine (as soon as something is checked-in B is triggered which adds also A to the queue). The problem with this is, that, if I set a VCS source on B (which is required for the VCS Trigger), that B also updates all sources on build, even if it doesn't need them.
Removing the VCS root from B and setting the VCS Trigger on A is also no option, since I want to see the VCS changes for each run of B.

I tried to set VCS checkout rules on the VCS root in B to avoid the update of the source, but it seems that this also has an effect on the triggering.

How can I avoid that the sources are updated for each run of B, but I still see the changes with each run?


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Looks like "Trigger on changes in snapshot dependencies" option of a VCS trigger plus TW-11125 which is already partly implemented in last EAP.

Also, you might vote for TW-19719 which seems what you ask.


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