TeamCity build test fails to open https URL's

Hi there,

I'm testing a web app that is using https.
The certificate is untrusted, so I created a new FF profile and accepted this certificate.
When I run the tests from within Eclipse, everything is fine.

The problem appears when I try to build the same project from TeamCity.
The test starts and FF window opens trying to open the URL https://mysite.
The URL can't be opened because of an error that is displayed in FF:

Peer reports it experienced an internal error
(Error code: ssl_error_internal_error_alert)

I have also tried another URL, not mysite, e.g.
The same error is displayed.

Could someone please help me solve this problem?

I'm using:

TeamCity Professional 6.5.6 (build 18130)
Windows 7 x64
Maven 3.0.3


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It seems to be solved,
Have read on another site about FF and ssl errors.
Needed to uncheck Use TLS 1.0 in FF options.
Not the site opens OK.


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