Jetbrains / Teamcity responsiveness/SLA policy on this board?

hi, I have asked a couple of questions here where I never get an answer, and it seems it happens very often.

What is the expected SLA (Service Level Agreement) for replies from you all on issues here?

Is it different, with an entirely different board/forum if we are paid up?

If so, it is never mentioned anywhere and is very important information.

Even if you don't think you can help, wouldn't it be best to at least post a little reply with why it is difficult/unknown/etc?

I am seriously wondering if this is long-term going to work for us.

Getting started was easy, but there are alot more things to do to make the system hum.

thank you!

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I think this question is likely of wide general interest, because so very many posts are unanswered and/or unanswered to any agreeable resolution. Please let us know how things work!

Thank you,

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We trying to keep response time less than a week.
But after New Year holidays we have some backlog, I'm sorting it out right now.

Enterprise license owners can also have private email support.


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Sorry for delaying with replies. We appreciate if you can post your questions in the forum so that other users can both participate and benefit from the answers.
If you experience an urgent issue or we do not reply within several days feel free to write to our support email noting your forum post.

Our general approach to support is outlined at the page (the link is available from the footer of your TeamCity server pages).

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thank you both. The page referenced above is also quite helpful, I had forgotten it! I am looking into purchasing, since we'd like the 24 hour turnaround cited for customers.


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