Customizing e-mail templates

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to include the (only) VCS used for a configuration in the failure e-mail notification. I've read through and even browsed for a while, but I couldn't find more infos on which objects are available in the FreeMarker templates or how to use them exactly.
Somehow I suppose it would be something like


but I couldn't get it to work.

I think it would be nice to get more examples on how to customize the notifications in the documentation.

Thanks anyhow to the whole team for the great work you're doing, I like TC a lot!
Thanks, again, in advance for the help.

Best regards,
Jérôme Jolidon

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I'm not a specialist in TeamCity but it seems that I have solution for your.

You may include following code to your template:

<#list buildType.getVcsRoots() as vcs>
          <div>VCS #: ${}</div>

And I agree with you that notification manual could contain more info and some examples.
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Thanks, it works well. I'll check if I can modify the documentation myself to include the example.

Best regards,


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