Installing Groovy Plugin

I'm trying to install Groovy Plugin from here:

I've downloaded the zip and put it in '.BuildServer/plugins'

That seems to have worked fine, because if i go into the administration and check the plugins I see the plugin in the list as installed.

If i go to the directory I can see it has unzipped the file.


But beyond that it doesn't work at all.

The first step in the page says "put libraries under application_libs into WEB-INF/lib directory of TeamCity web application"

But I have no idea what this means?!? There nothing on the page about what the libraries are?!?

I don't think that webpage offers enough information on installing the plugin.

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The libraries mentioned are important part of the installation. You have related errors int he teamcity-server.log now.

"libraries under application_libs" can be downloaded at the same place where you get the plugin itself, see plugin download links.

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Took a while to figure out where they were, I didn't even notice they were separate files in the build. Thought they would be all zipped together or atleast be given in a single file rather than having to download 4 separate files.


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BTW, you can download all build artifacts in zip from TeamCity web UI.

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I had same expereinced. I even don't see the other files aside from the plugin itself. And it tooks me a number of searches to find the location of the other files. I hope they will add some notes about this from their posting so that a beginner like me will recognize it right away.


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