How to make TeamCity build against a given revision?

In the VCS setting page, it seems that we can only control the way Team City checkout the HEAD revision source.
Is it possible that we make Team City to build against a given revision?

Our plan is to make two project configuration: "Reviewed" and "Under reviewing".  The former is scheduled to build against the newest reviewed revision.
While I can easily get the newest reviewed revision number, I don't know how to issue a particular revision build.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello James,

There is no ability in TeamCity to make a VCS root stuck on specific revision. We have alike issue filed: Please watch/vote for it.

The workaround is to use custom run build dialog and select the specific revision there.

Kind regards,


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hi Marina,

I want to make a "QA" build root that holds only the builds that QA cares to test. Then I would mark the released ones accordingly.

The idea is that QA can then look at the tabs for those builds and see a nice summary of ticket statuses, ie what to test.

A problem I have is:

Run build with this change action.
This section is available only if you have permissions to access VCS roots for the build configuration and if build configuration has pending changes.

In other words, the first time I create a root it never has the choose-commit revision tab.

Is there a ticket to always enable that tab?

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Not sure I understand the question you are asking.
Seems TW-5610 isrelated.
However, for "propagatig" a build through QA, etc. you probably do not need to run new builds off a new revision, I'd consider using TeamCity artifact and snapshot dependencies for that.


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