Migrating from HSQLDB to MySQL on Version 3.0

I have inherited a TeamCity installation on version 3.0 and can no longer access the database on startup:

I get a 404: error in the browser.   This just started happening.  There were no changes made to the system other than adding some new users

In the stdout log I see the error that it can not create the bean with name 'buildserver'

I feel that there is an issue with the HSQLDB and I wanted to migrate it to MySQL (this is the only other supported DB i believe on this version)

I have tried to use the migrateToMySQL.bat utility but then I receive the error

Wed Jan 18 19:29:14 EST 2012 .BuildServer path: C:\Utils\.BuildServer
Wed Jan 18 19:29:14 EST 2012 Connecting to the source database jdbc:hsqldb:file:
Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLException: User not found: SA
        at org.hsqldb.jdbc.Util.sqlException(Unknown Source)
        at org.hsqldb.jdbc.jdbcConnection.<init>(Unknown Source)
        at org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver.getConnection(Unknown Source)
        at org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver.connect(Unknown Source)
        at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(DriverManager.java:525)
        at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(DriverManager.java:171)
        at jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.HSQL2MySQL.main(HSQL2MySQL.java:9)
An error has occured during migration. Could not proceed.

Any thoughts why it can't access the HSQLDB? Why SA is not found?

I did notice the buildserver.data file was exactly 64MB (65,536 KB).  That did seem odd almost as if the DB max'd out at 64MB and it was Full.  I don't much about HSQLDB....

Thanks for any tips


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Hi Mike

This error happens after HSQLDB files become corrupted.
You'll have to restore server configuration from previous backup.

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I restored the database from a backup and was able to successfully migrate.


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