TeamCity deployment


I’m a new TeanCity user. My company decides to use TeamCity as its next continuous integration tool. We currently search the best way to deploy TeamCity.
We consider two possibilities:

  • Use the TeamCity version bundle with Tomcat
  • Deploy the Teamcity war into our industrialized application server : Glassfish Enterprise server v2.1.1

So here are my questions:

  • I would like to have feedback from the users which already using TeamCity with glassfish 2.1.1. Have you problems due to the use of glassfish?
  • I wonder if I will have support from community if I use glassfish (I’ve seen some threads concerning glassfish so I guess the answer is yes)
  • Is there plan in the TeamCity roadmap which could need newest specification than servlet 2.5 / jsp 2.1 or could break compatibility with glassfish?

All your suggestion will be welcome

Thanks in advance for your help

Best regards


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