Teamcity remote branch build feature is not woring in 6.5x

I have been trying this feature from last 2 days, but I was not succeded.
I have configured a build to enable mercurial feature brancnes build for every push, and used the Branch Remote Run Trigger  feature to implement the same
Branch Remote Run Trigger= remoterun/*
and VCS setting contains the repository name and branch field is empty
After configuring this I looked into the teamcityt_remote.logs and it shows below message

emoteRunOnBranchTriggerService - Cannot find TeamCity user with VCS username 'chiranjeevip <>', branch: 'remote-run/chiranjeevip/gep331', VCS root: 'mercurial: http://xxxxx/TestWebSite {id=41}', buildType: 'TestWebSite CI Prototype :: Build and Test {id=bt42}', branch will be ignored

Can you please help me in figured out what went wrong in this configuration?

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As you specify username in branch name explicitly, then change a matching pattern in trigger settings to remote-run/TEAMCITY_USERNAME/*

Alternate way to configure the trigger is to push changes to remote-run/<feature> branches (do not specify usernames). Then TeamCity gets authors from commit messages and matches them to related profile setting.


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