Custom build caches parameters that were not changed


I recently started using using Teamcity's Project level Configuration Parameters (, I have a teamcity project with build configurations that reference the parameter. The workflow I am currently testing includes starting a build after each manual update of the parameter.

Today I noticed that after a change to the configuration parameter, the build continued to use the old specified value. Looking at the build history->Build Parameters tab I can see a message indicating the value of the parameter was updated to the old setting. The message follows the pattern "changed, original value: <original value> "

Please note that I have verified the build configuration itself and checked if the inherited parameter value was changed accidentally. This was not the case. Considering these, I wonder who changed the configuration parameter value (presumably teamcity) and why?

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It seems that accidentally the configuration parameter was overwriten when the "Run..." button was clicked. See teamcity-project-run-build-panel.jpg which shows the old value.

Note: the old value was "57.donotuse7" and while new value was "57.donotuse15."

At the same time I would expect that by navigating to the specific build configuration->Build parameters tab I would see that the value is overwritten. But this does not happen. See teamcity-buildconfiguration-buildparameters-panel.jpg/ Is that intended, or is it a bug?

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Apparently, once you run a custom build (using "Run..."), the settings associated with that run (like configuration parameters etc) are cached (seems to be on the browser side since logging out of teamcity resolves it).
Here is the situation in details:
   - A configuration parameter is defined at project level and has the value 'foo'.
   - A build configuration exists which uses this configuration parameter.
   - I run a custom build where I only change it to use a specific agent.
   - The build finishes and I decide to change the project level configuration parameter to 'bar'.
   - I run the custom build again and the configuration parameter will use an old value, 'foo'. Although the first run did not manually overwrite the configuration parameter, the configuration does not use the latest value of the parameter, namely 'bar'

This is why I would like to see the following
  - A visual indicator on the run button (pertaining to the custom build somehow) showing that there are changes compared to standard run
  - No caching of settings from the old run, unless they were manually changed by the user.

What do you think?

Thank you!



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