Is this the right tool for us?

I am a install developer, not previously a build persion except for modifying a few batch files.  My knowledge of automated builds is that first you need a tool like msbuild to compile, and then a tool like cruisecontrol if you want continous builds.  Our product is mostly Visual Studio 2008, c++.  We are looking for something free or inexpensive, to automate the build process.  Is TeamCity an all inclusive tool (has the msbuild like tools, and the continous build tool also), or is it just the continous build process tool, and we still need to use something like msbuild to do the compiles?  Is it easy (for someone who has not done this previouly), to learn?  Can it access subversion through codesign?  Will it do email notifications of success or failure of builds?  Thank.

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There are other continuous build servers available, but after using TeamCity you'll start to wonder why people use them :D

TeamCity should meet your needs

I havn't used it to build C++ projects before, but from the docs it should be able to process your Visual Studio solution file and/or your msbuild file if you have a custom build.

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Hi Louis

TeamCity does not try to substitute build tools like MSBuild, Ant, or Maven, but provides a layer on top of them.
MSBuild is required to actually compile your code, bu TeamCity simplifies its usage by rich build scheduling, reporting and notifications.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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