Build log encoding

I use TeamCity 5.1. Solution checkouts from GIT  on deploy machine and builds. Deploy machine running under Windows  Server 2008 R2 - Russian. There are russian language PowerShell  installed etc. In TeamCity build log, all russian symbols are in wrong  encoding. Like:

[18:42:07]: ##teamcity[progessMessage 'PrepareTempDirectory']
[18:42:08]: Љ в «®Ј: C:\BuildAgent\work\f5f2c4c3a0f06034\build\tmp
[18:42:08]: Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name
[18:42:08]: ----                -------------     ------ ----
[18:42:08]: d----        09.02.2012     18:42            appDir
[18:42:08]: ##teamcity[progessMessage 'CopyFiles']
[18:42:10]: ##teamcity[progessMessage 'TransformWebConfig']
[18:42:10]: Џ®бв஥­ЁҐ ­ з в® 09.02.2012 18:42:10.
[18:42:10]: Џа®ҐЄв "C:\BuildAgent\work\f5f2c4c3a0f06034\app\Web\Web.csproj" ў 㧫Ґ 1 (楫ҐўлҐ ®ЎкҐЄвл TransformWebConfig).
[18:42:10]: C:\BuildAgent\work\f5f2c4c3a0f06034\app\Web\Web.csproj : error MSB4057: ў Їа®ҐЄвҐ ­Ґв 楫Ґў®Ј® ®ЎкҐЄв  "TransformWebConfig".
[18:42:10]: Џ®бв஥­ЁҐ Їа®ҐЄв   "C:\BuildAgent\work\f5f2c4c3a0f06034\app\Web\Web.csproj" § ўҐа襭®  (楫ҐўлҐ ®ЎкҐЄвл TransformWebConfig) б ®иЁЎЄ®©.
[18:42:10]: ЌҐ г¤ «®бм ўлЇ®«­Ёвм Ї®бв஥­ЁҐ.

How I can solve this problem?

Thanks for your attention.

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