Email Notification Template Configuration

I am using teamcity 6.5.X and my project is an ant project. During build process it runs some tasks like pmd, findbugs which generate some reports.
How can I send this report to developers using email notification. I think attachment feature is not there in email notification so far. What about a link to these file?
If I choose to send links in email, how can we do that?
Any other option to achieve this?

Thanks in advance :)

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well after searching a bit hard i figured out a solution. Its XML REPORT PLUGIN. It is doing exactly what I want. :)

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I'm glad you found the solution.
XML Report Processing does not work with notifications directly. It allows to import test results and show them in TeamCity web interface.

Notifications can contain links to build results and report pages, but not attached files directly. You can vote for this feature request in TW-7318.



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