How to specify the amount of CPU cores to be used by Visual Studio (sln) runner

Hi all,

I would like to specify how many CPU core Visual Studio (sln) runner should utilize. But this should be specified for each agent. How to do this?

Use case: there are several agents connected to the single server, and some of them are used for other tasks as well, so the builds should be performed on 1-2 CPU cores there in order not to overload the PC (normally the build utilized all CPU cores, and the PC becomes less responsive).

I know there is an option of MSBuild /maxcpucount, but how can it be passed to a Visual Studio runner?
And I suppose some file (like may hold such setting for the choosen agents...

Thanks for the hints in advance!

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Try passing /m as a command line parameter

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Thanks for the hint!
Actually I've already found the solution which works fine in my case.
It is enough to specify the line


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