Can Teamcity make use of multiple computers for building?

Hi, first off, would like to say that I'm not a programmer, but I'm working with a small team of developers. The tool of choice is Visual Studio Team System 2008, project is C++ in nature. Using TortoiseSVN for svn server.

I recently saw that when one of the developers does a compilation in VS, it can take about 20mins. As we have quite a number of workstations laying unused around the office, I was thinking whether we can offload the compilation to these machines to reduce waiting times. However, the developers are on a very tight schedule, so I'm doing some research into the matter first.

Can I somehow make use of Teamcity to do the above? And does a Build Agent refer to a machine that's set up to do compiling? All help appreciated!

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I don't know the answer to your question, but have you thought of using Xoreax Incredibuild?
It distributes compilation to all the machines in the pool (this also means every machine could contribute when not busy building for itself).

It sounds like it's exactly what you need.




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