Trouble starting the EAP on Ubunt 11.04 - log files?


I am trying to get an instance of the Teamcity 7 EAP up and running, to get everyone here to move off of CC :)  I am getting an error on first run, and it asks for the log files to get the admin token to see the error, but I can't find them anywhere.  I had 6.5 up for a day, before deciding to see about 7, but am no longer running it.  I never did find the logs for that one either.

  • Ubuntu 11.04 Headless
  • Tomcat 6 - manual WAR install (drop in /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps
  • Tomcat Home :  /usr/share/tomcat6
  • Catalina Base:  /var/lib/tomcat6
  • Catalina Home: /etc/tomcat6

  1. I created a logs directory at /usr/share/tomcat6/logs  and gave it to the tomcat6 group with +rwx permissions, but nothings shows up in there.  
  2. For 6.5 I had to create /usr/share/tomcat6/.BuildServer manually, before team city would run.  

Are there any system setup steps that I should do to make this work? All I done is install the tomcat6-* packages via apt-get, and other associated bits, so nothing else has been touched on the box.


~ Andrew

p.s. Am i crazy, or is the way tomcat is splayed across the system odd?  I didn't have any issues last time (v5), or on windows.  The docs/admin all go in /usr/share/tomcat6-manager (docs/etc), only /etc/tomcat6/Catalina/localhost gets added xml files for them. And the home directory is /usr/share/tomcat6? with only root having permissions?

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