TeamCity failing a build that is seemingly a success

We have a build that fails. These are the errant lines in the build log:

[15:29:19]:  [rails:foreign_keys:enable] ** Invoke db:foreign_keys:enable (first_time)
[15:29:19]:  [rails:foreign_keys:enable] ** Invoke environment (first_time)
[15:29:19]:  [rails:foreign_keys:enable] ** Execute environment
[15:29:28]:  [rails:foreign_keys:enable] ** Execute db:foreign_keys:enable

There is nothing I can infer about these lines that would deem them an error. The lines in the log after the ones above indicate normal output of the db:foreign_keys:enable rake task. The only think that is semi-unique is that they all have two asterixes in them, but that seems incidental and not the root cause. Does anyone know why our build is failing or how I might be able to go about getting better information about why it is failing?


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