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Here is my configuration: I have a project B which is triggered to build when project A finishes to build

My project A use an environment parameter with name "param1". Just for my tests, the project's A build is just a print out of this parameter's value on screen
My project B use an environment parameter with name "param1" . In the same way, it just outputs a parameter value on screen

My question is when I custom-build the project A and I modify the value of param1 how do I modify my param1 value in project B to be the same as in project A? Basically, I want to find the same param1 value in project B after having it modified in project A.

Thanks for your answer

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Hi Stephane

I would suggest to setup snapshot dependency betwen the build configurations instead of using finish build trigger. In most cases it gives better results.
Then you can access properties of linked configurations using Dependencies Properties.



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