Any way to use diffview .html to display comparison of local folders?

The diffview in TeamCity is really helpful, and I'm looking for a way to hopefully use it for a diff of my own (if that's possible)

I have a build config that that performs a comparison of an auto generated folder, against an expected folder. With the idea that if any differences are located, I plan to fail the build and display the diff.

Currently, I'm performing the compare with a simple python function using difflib, so currently I'm correctly failing the build, but simply outputting the diff hunks.
Is there any way I can use this data to generate a handy diff view using the html file?

Either that, or another way of diffing two folders using something built into TeamCity perhaps?

Here's my current output.

Starting: C:\python27\python.exe  "C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\4ddbacea9e7a438e\Scripts\Continuous  Builds\"  C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\4ddbacea9e7a438e\Engine\ExportedCode  C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp\ExportedCode_Engine
in directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\4ddbacea9e7a438e
Differences located in the following files:
fexp_EntityClassRegistry_EngineExports.h Difference located
---  C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\4ddbacea9e7a438e\Engine\ExportedCode\fexp_EntityClassRegistry_EngineExports.h
+++ C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp\ExportedCode_Engine\fexp_EntityClassRegistry_EngineExports.h
@@ -44,79 +44,76 @@
{  MAKE_REGISTRY_ENTRY(engine::exports::CECAnimGraphComponentBlenderAdditive), "AnimGraphComponent BlenderAdditive",  23, 2,  BLITZTECH_STRING_CRC("AnimGraphComponent Blender",  0xa0d53061)},     //  Entity Class 'AnimGraphComponent BlenderAdditive'
{ MAKE_REGISTRY_ENTRY(engine::exports::CECSimSystem ), "SimSystem",  984,33, STRING_CRC("SimItem",  0x1e2cbc1d)},     // Entity Class  'SimSystem'
{  MAKE_REGISTRY_ENTRY(engine::exports::CECStaticSunLight  ), "StaticSunLight",122,  0, STRING_CRC("StaticLightNode",  0xb0d90365     )},     // Entity  Class 'StaticSunLight'
-   {  MAKE_REGISTRY_ENTRY(engine::exports::CECAnimGraphComponentIK ), "AnimGraphComponent IK",  32, 0, STRING_CRC("AnimGraphComponent Modifier",  0x3c1042b3     )},      // Entity Class 'AnimGraphComponent IK'
+  {  MAKE_REGISTRY_ENTRY(engine::exports::CECWorldNodeJoint_LimitedLine ), "WorldNodeJoint_LimitedLine", 1313,5, STRING_CRC("WorldNodeJoint_Line",  0x824c233c     )},     //  Entity Class 'WorldNodeJoint_LimitedLine'
+  {  MAKE_REGISTRY_ENTRY(engine::exports::CECAnimGraphComponentSwitcherParametric ), "AnimGraphComponent SwitcherParametric",  43, 3, STRING_CRC("AnimGraphComponent SwitcherVariable",  0x4959d900  )},     // Entity Class 'AnimGraphComponent SwitcherParametric'

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