TeamCIty 6.5.6 build step with Runner Type=“Command Line” never completes


I am using TeamCity 6.5.6 to implement a CIT environment. I am trying to add a build step of Runner Type = "Command Line" and trying to executing the following custom cmd script

"C:\Program Files\PreEmptive Solutions\Dotfuscator Professional Edition Evaluation 4.9\dotfuscator.exe" /in:D:\CITTest\bin\CITTest.Lib.dll /out:D:\CITTest\Dotfuscated

But, TeamCity is never able to complete the build step and it seems it is taking forever.

Please note that, the paths and commands mentioned in the script are correct, and, the same command is successfully executed in the command prompt.

I've also tried to execute this script using a batch file from within TeamCity, but, same thing is happening.

Its not that this particular command is resulting in such behavior, Any custom command script (as part of the build process) is resulting in same

Can any one help in this regard?



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If the issue is still reproduced, please post a build log.


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